Our Mission

Why We Exist:

We exist to evolve the at-home fitness experience through our integrated fitness system.  Our e-Commerce style platform connects clients to top fitness instructors and wellness professionals with live and on-demand classes and workshops. Our interactive community environment creates a space for connection among clients and wellness professionals; a space where questions can be asked and answered, relationships built, and communities developed.  Technology is the vehicle that elevates the experience and brings everything together; from enhanced audio and video during class to a seamless reservation experience to an interconnected member profile that forms a fitness and wellness hub.  We commit to continued innovation at every opportunity.

What is Our Goal:

Our goal is to create a digital fitness system that hosts the best fitness instructors, nutritionists, and wellness partners so our members have access to any desired content to aide a healthy lifestyle, utilizing technology to deliver an exceptional experience.

What is the Product:

 The product is our platform that connects wellness professionals with clients who are looking for live and on-demand fitness classes, nutritional guidance or other wellness content. Through technology our members receive the same experience as they would in-person but in the comfort of their home or on-the-go.  Our platform hosts independent instructors and clients as well as a “white label” product that fitness brands can utilize to host classes and  have the ability to integrate into their own digital content with their unique branding.

Who is the Customer:

Our customer is anyone who is wants an amazing fitness experience, expansive wellness content and a like-minded community who are interested in growing stronger and better together. Anyone who has a passion for fitness and wellness belongs with PFT.  We want the best instructors, passionate members and like-minded brands to join together to create an environment that is unparalleled to anything else.

How are we Different:

We provide an extensive network of instructors, wellness partners and contributors providing a wide range of content to our member base. Our technology takes the at-home and on-the-go fitness experience to another level with enhanced audio and video quality, a more personalized experience with real time and in-class adjustments, and an interactive community platform before, during and after class. 

What Does the Future Look Like:

As the fitness and wellness landscape continues to change we commit to evolving with it. The experience of our members, instructors and contributors is our greatest priority and we want to be THE place where fitness dreams are realized.  We will look to build innovative technology into our system to elevate the experience, such as connected fitness devices that track movements and provide physiological metrics from one workout to the next or greater in-class connection and interaction between instructors and clients.

Phoenix FitTech, elevated digital fitness.

Meaning Behind Our Name

What does Phoenix FitTech Mean:

You might be wondering, “What does Phoenix FitTech stand for?”  Phoenix FitTech exists at the intersection between Fitness, Technology and Community. Like the mythological phoenix, we were created from the ashes of the fitness industry as a result of COVID-19.  The phoenix represents our drive for innovation, willingness to pivot, and desire to be great.  We strive to provide a best-in-class fitness experience that combines the worlds of boutique and digital fitness.


The mythological bird represents our values: Aspiration, Fiery Energy and Passion, Creation, Rise up to Challenge, Strive for Excellence (but also learning from set backs).  It is our motivation to push us to be our best, to create exceptional experiences for our instructors and members.


Our passion is for fitness and wellness.  The 2020 pandemic fundamentally changed the way the fitness industry operates and we are committed to creating excellent experiences in this “new world.”  We want to bring together the top fitness and wellness professionals to create easily accessible content that our members desire.


We want to utilize technology to enhance the at-home fitness experience.  This will be done through enhanced audio and video, interactive community forums, and eventually connected fitness devices and systems.  We commit to innovate at every opportunity to ensure our experience is the best it can possibly be.


Community is our collective strength and foundational to PFT.  Our community encourages and supports one another, pushes us past our self-imposed limits and allows us to achieve any goal.  We are better and stronger together.